Tarakli village

No: 696
- $
Alanı M²: 
225.00 M²
Bina Yaşı: 
Kat Sayısı: 
Bulunduğu Kat: 
Villa Katı
Isınma Tipi: 
Yakıt Tipi: 
Yapı Tipi: 
Taş Bina
Yapının Durumu: 
İkinci El
Kullanım Durumu: 
Krediye Uygunluk: 
Cephe Seçenekleri: 
Kuzey Cephe
Güney Cephe
Doğu Cephe
Batı Cephe
Site İçerisinde: 
Kapalı Alan M²: 
Açık Alan M²: 
Denize Uzaklık: 
250 Mt.

Located in Sakarya city in Tarakli village , it is 175 km far away from ıstanbul city ,it is consisted of 60 blocks and 1300 Apartments. All of our apartments are furnished and equipped with smart home systems, Hot spring water flows uninterruptedly in the baths as well.

It has the specially designed architecture , surrounded with lunch pine trees , this Project founded on tens of decares of area with time share Properties , physiotherapy and rehabilitations ,hospital ,spa and shopping center and educative facilities for comfortable conference , assembly and Seminar activities it offers you a new view of thermal vacation

- There is a divisible conference room for 1100 people, 300-seats seminar hall and two 250-seats seminar hall, meeting rooms.

All of the SGK insured and the contracted health insurance members will benefit from the Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Hospital, planned to Be opened in 2016. The value of your time-share property will also increase at all times thanks to the health tourism due to the interest of the Domestic and the foreign tourists in the medical tourism.

- Possibility of more than 60 activities such as fitness centers, sports courts, aqua park, table tennis, billiards, table hockey, historical silk road tours, Bicycle tours, ATV safaris, paintball.

- Rima 026 project which has the distinction of being the largest spa center in the region, offers a wide range of services to its guests with its traditional and modern baths, steam room, saunas and Spa

- Thermal and Fun Pools

- Feel the miracle in the presence of the silky touch of the thermal water in your apartments and your pools. Thermal Pools, Pleasure Pool, Private Family Pools, Shock Pools, Snow Fountains, Vitamin Bars, Lounges, Warm Rooms.

-Culture and Art Activities

Autograph sessions, Theater performances, Cinema halls, pocket cinema, library, exhibits.

-The Ottoman Bazaar designed based on the Covered Bazaar, Bedesten.

A shopping center of 24,000 sqm where Restaurants, Cafes, markets, gift shops and boutiques are situated.

Local Architecture

A typical example of civil Ottoman architecture; Aesthetic buildings with bay windows, wooden carved pergola balconies, cobbled pavements, wide streets.

Gardens and walking gallery

Apartments in rima 026 are connected to the social facilities through spacious walk galleries. The effect of thermal water is felt longer thanks to the Affect of the thermal water.


For all the infrastructure requirements in rima 026 a solution have been found in the facility galleries passing through the underneath of the building. In this way, in the construction of the infrastructures that may be needed in the future or in case of any malfunction, our guests may continue their holiday without any compromises from their comfort.


Altitude in Rima 026 is 450 meters. The average altitude provides a comfortable holiday opportunity to our guests coming from different heights.